Weekend adventure – troubleshooting HTTP/2 support for EE 3.8

2 Jun

Reducing page load time for sites that I am involved with is something that brings me great joy in life. When I first experienced the efficiency and speed improvements that HTTP/2 offers, I started dancing exactly like Michael Jackson. I haven’t stopped since. I am moon walking backwards on a treadmill as I type this at my stand up desk.

So naturally, I was pumped when I saw that the latest version of EasyEngine included support for Ubuntu 18.04, and HTTP/2, HTTP/2 Push, and gRPC. Unfortunately, I had to do some light troubleshooting out of the box due to Chrome and Firefox being unimpressed with the TLS provided by NGINX via the default config.

Sound fascinating? Read about it and (spoiler alert) see how I fixed it here.

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